Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20 Tools for Cleaning Your Computer

Your computer suddenly becoming menenunjukan performance in doing his job and increasingly causing problems. Here is a tool to help you clean up the rubbish that was there. To 20 files under it will make you grateful to your PC.
1. PC Decrapifier: You buy a new PC from a computer store, and you hope that the PC is clean of all stains? Wrong! You usually will find a lot, "craplets", they will slow down your PC's performance. Decraptifier PC will automatically get rid of "crap" that exist on your new computer. But do not expect that he will clean up everything, there are only a few specific "crap" and trialware that will be thrown from your new computer, such as QuickBooks Trial, Wild Tangent Games, Dell URL Assistant, and many more.
2. Dedaulus System Cleaner: If you are looking for a simple cleaning system, easy to perform basic cleaning, you do not need to spend money for it. The program can clean up temp files and traces of Internet usage, find duplicate files, and justify Registry errors.
3. TuneUp Utilities 2010: The program is priced $ 40 but has all kinds of completeness required for a clean-up tool. He is doing tasks such as: removing unneeded files, clean up and to optimize the registry, and much more.
4. WinSettings Pros: Price cleaner system all-in-one this is $ 50 but it comes with some additional features. He will be able to find junk files, duplicate files, and Internet history, it also can clear existing cookies.
5. Super Utilities: This is a cleaner all-in-one another tool to clean and optimize your PC. The advantage of this tool kit is he has a registry cleaner, defragmentation tools, antispyware features, and there are 27 other additional functions. You can try it for 30 days, after that if you agree that this is a good product to buy, it costs $ 60 only.
6. Magic Utilities: This tool has five different functions to clean up your PC. Firstly, to kill the program at start-up, second, to uninstall the software, third, to find junk on your hard drive and let you decide to throw it, all four to find files scattered, and the fifth to decide which process is running. Nothing special on this software, just the ease of use are its advantages. Registration price $ 40.
7. Autoruns: This tool equips you with the information. If you know the software which runs automatically when you log in, you can decide which ones you need and what is not.
8. Security Task Manager: If your PC is sluggish, you definitely have too many programs running at the same time, and many are certainly not you know. With the Windows Task Manager you'll know what is going on, and give you a detailed explanation of what happened seedang.
9. Duplicate Music Files Finder: You have a disk full of MP3s or other music files? If yes, you most likely also have a double MP3 files. Looking for the same file might be quite a waste of time, because you may have the same file with different names. With this tool you will get a more specific search by comparing file size, CRC check, and ID3 (MP3 meta data) to help you find files that have duplicate
10. Easy Duplicate Finder: If you used your PC long enough. You will be preoccupied with various kinds of files that double. Such as graphics files,. Doc files, media files, dll files and you will be surprised by the large number of the file. This is not only wastes space on your hard disk, but also make searching the files you want to be more difficult. This tool will search your files and delete terduplikat you do not need. Navigate on your hard drive and the folder that you want, and he will run as you want.
11. Wise Disk Cleaner PC: you have a lot of unwanted files, such as temporary Internet files, log files, index files, and backup files? This will greatly burden the space for your memory. Wise Disk Cleaner can find this file to you, and remove what you want to delete. You can choose to permanently delete it or put it in the recycle bin.
12. Adblock Pro PC: you are full of junk? Similarly, his thing with the Internet, if you think ads are junk. If you bukanpenggemar ads, you can easily kill it with Adblock Pro. Shareware for $ 20 this works better than IE 7 pop-up blockers.
13. R-Wipe and Clean: Without your knowledge, your PC stores the history of your activities. He has sejarh on the Web that you visit, your RSS feeds, downloads, programs you run a file that you open and many more. The program costs $ 29 it can clean it for you, so your PC can work faster.
14. Expired Cookies Cleaner: Your computer is filled with cookies a web site that you have ever visited. Cookie actually had a purpose, namely to log automatically every time you open a web. But often cookies become out of date, and they remain in your PC. This tool will look for cookies that have long and immediately remove it.
15. HackCleaner: Goods are free to do a good job like cleaning the junk from your PC, including cookies, temporary Internet files, Internet toolbars, and others. He also could be used to free up the RAM to a part of the hard disk to improve PC performance.
16. Wise Registry Cleaner: The older your PC, the more junk that piled there. Programs written less than perfect does not clean up the registry when you clean them. More and more junk in the registry, the bad performance of your computer. This free program does a good job to clean up junk in your registry.
17. Registry Commander: Registry commander makes registry editing activities become easier. But beware of this activity, no matter what you do with the tool, the registry can be fatal.
18. Auslogics Registry Defrag: Although relatively clean your Windows Registry, your computer's performance may still be long. This is due to your hard disk fragments that were each time. This free tool is here to solve existing problems. He will reduce the size of your registry and also increase your efiktivitas from defragmentation.
19. Driver Sweeper: You have been diligent in updating your system. In theory your system will have at its best and running with high speed. But there is a slight problem: if you do not menyingkiran your old drivers properly, system will become unstable, run longer, and crashes. Driver Sweeper is to overcome this. He would sweep to your system, find your old drivers, and let you throw it away. And for security purposes, he will also backing upnya.jadi you can to restorenya when you need it later.
20. LocalCooling: this one tool will not make your PC cleaner, but it certainly will make the world cleaner. This free tool will save electricity usage of your PC, so your PC will contribute less to global warming.

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